Multisystem I-TG

One-channel analogue screw control for complex screw processes with the highest precision requirements. Suitable for all BL series DSM screwdrivers. The Multisystem I-TG can be operated in a multi-channel network via the standard profibus interface.

  • Illuminated LCD display, resolution 240 x 128 pixels
  • Display of the curve progression during screwing
  • 6-LED status display for torque, rotation angle, OK and NOK
  • Integrated statistical evaluation
  • Freely programmable screw cycles
  • Automatic self-test before each screwing
  • Mobile backup and production memory (CompactFlash card)
  • Parameter and programme safeguarding in EPROM

Technical data  
Torque control SA / MDW
Programmable screw cycles 30
Parameter sets per screw cycle 100
Standard screw processes 8
Standard loosening processes 1
Free inputs 4
Free outputs 5
Interfaces RS 232
Optional interfaces TCP/IP

Power element

Multisystem BL-LH


  • PC software PC 1000
  • Printer
  • Signal lamp
  • Signal lamp with key switch
  • Programme selection switch