MultiClassic FL

MultiClassic FL

All QMP series joint units can be controlled with the MultiClassic FL joint control. It is equally suited to simple and highly precise pressing, jointing and shaping tasks. Manual workstations and automatic stations can be equipped with it. Several MultiClassic FL or MultiPro FL controls can be connected to a multi-channel system.

  • Digital measurement signal processing
  • 2.7-inch LCD display with illumination
  • 6-LED status displays for strength and path
  • Traceable calibration
  • Programming and parameterisation using PC software
  • Freely programmable press/joint cycles (push and pull)
  • Automatic self-test of joint control and the QMP joint unit
  • Mobile long-term storage: 128 MB to 1 GB (CompactFlash card)
  • Ring memory for 500 measured values
  • Parameter and programme safeguarding in EEPROM

Technical data  
Number of programmes 128
Commands per programme 100
Instruction set 31 commands
Joint levels per programme 99
Available joint processes 9
Inputs/outputs 4/4
Inputs/outputs expandable yes
Route resolution 0,01 mm
Sampling rate 1 kHz
Interfaces V24
RS 232
DSM Systembus
Optional interfaces Profibus
Protective class IP 40, optional IP 54


  • IO extension
  • Printer
  • Signal lamp for status display: OK, NOK, operational
  • Signal lamp with switch key for NOK release
  • Programme selection switch for direct programme selection