QMP Controls

QMP Controls

Controls with digital measurement signal processing for DS series screwdrivers. Can be used for manual workstations and automatic stations. Suitable for indirect (SA) and/or direct (MDW) torque measurement depending on design. All DS controls have a three-part LED status display. The control electronics and the power element are together in one housing.

MultiClassic FL

MultiPro FL
Number of programmes 128 255
Commands per programme 100 200
Joint levels per programme 99 199
Available joint processes 9 9
Internal ring memory 500 measured values 500 measured values
Inputs/outputs 4/4 4/4
Inputs/outputs expandable Yes Yes
Route resolution 0,01 mm 0,01 mm
Interfaces V24
RS 232
DSM Systembus
RS 232
DSM Systembus
Optional interfaces Profibus

MultiControl Software

Up to ten controls can be configured, programmed, parameterised and monitored with the MultiControl software.

  • Automatic recognition of joint control
  • Management and safeguarding of constants, parameters and programmes
  • Graphical process analyses
  • Statistical functions
  • Data export for an expanded process analysis

MultiControl database

MultiControl database is an expansion of the MultiControl software for traceable documentation of the production data. It facilitates continual quality assurance and forms the basis for optimising the assembly processes.